It’s been almost 3 years since I last worked. Since then, I’ve been to countless medical appointments from all over the Bay Area. I want to get better so maybe in the future I can help my husband provide for our family. Since I came to the US 16 years ago, I worked & went to school so I can provide for my mom. I had to literally work during the day & go to school at night so I can send money back to the Philippines. Working gave me a purpose. It allowed me to take care of my mom’s basic & medical needs. Now that I’m unable to do what I was trained to do, I’m learning to appreciate the small things. Not having a pay check means I have to be dependent on someone else to survive & I continue to struggle with that currently. On the other hand, I’m also in the process of adjusting to my life at home with my loving Husband, mom & 2 amazing corgis. I managed to control my spending habits. I’m learning to prepare healthy meals. I’m trying to embrace minimalism. I know my lifestyle changed & I thought for a moment that I will not survive it. But now I’m embracing my transformation. We now focus on what’s really important. Hopefully this life changing event will better prepare me for my next role in life. #findingmypurpose


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