Trying to read but having a hard time absorbing the concepts. It’s been 2 years since I last worked & there’s been days that I’ve been struggling with grief & sadness. I feel such a total failure. But I also realized that I have to start accepting the current life that I have now. I won’t be able to move on from the past hurts & great losses. I have to continue working on my self & my recovery.15129560_10154694888596565_6914124915054412672_o

Conversations with hubby

M: Coldplay will have a concert in Manila. I just thought about our tickets 🎫for next year. The concert 🎤 is schedule is for October 2017 & venue is atLevi’s Stadium. If we will have a baby, let’s make sure I give birth before then ok? Di ko ata kaya pumunta ng concert na malaki tiyan ko.

K: 😂





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