I have been forgetting a lot lately most especially last week. We missed something on the schedule for Saturday morning and I also forgot to call one of my friends so that I can visit her at her place before she moves. My neurology consult is still scheduled for November and hopefully a Stanford neurologist can see me earlier. This is really frustrating. Good thing my mom reminds me about the time and my doctor’s appointment on a daily basis. I don’t know what my life would be like without my husband and my mom.

I failed all the time when I was in high school and early part in college but graduated with honors when I completed my college & master’s degrees in California. When I have kids, I will not pressure them to be A students. I will make sure that if they have difficulty understanding any concepts that their papa & I will be there to help them. There are so many things I strongly disagree with in high school & my former university that makes the student feel so inferior compared to the rest of their batch mates. They would separate students based on their math abilities. So does that mean if you are not a genius, then you’ll end up with the low achievers? My point is, at a young age, I felt such a failure because I did not get the academic support that was provided to honor students. Instead of giving everyone the same opportunity, why not also provide the same chance to everyone else? Each student is unique that possesses hidden talents. If I keep on dwelling on the fact that I am a total failure based on the fact that I am the slowest reader in class or that I have a math learning disability, then I wouldn’t be able to reach my potential.

“Colleges today are trying to deal with a substantial suicide risk among students and growing rates of depression and anxiety. On my most optimistic days, I wonder whether campus mental health would improve if more classes were designed to encourage participants to support one another. Would students be better off if they saw classmates as people who had their back, rather than as people who might stab them in the back?”



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