The nurse practitioner whom I spoke with weeks ago mentioned that I was upset that I did not get restrictions when it comes to Endometriosis. I think a provider should look into the whole patient history and try to understand why the patient is upset.

I am upset because I suffer everyday. I am unable to do the things a normal person can do. When she mentioned that there were restrictions for endometriosis patients like me, I did my research and found out :

“Survey data from one hundred and seven women with self-reported, surgically diagnosed endometriosis showed that living with this disease may be characterized by physical limitations that disrupt health, work and daily life.”

So how can she generalize that there are no limitations available for a patient who has fibromyalgia and endometriosis?

Please check this publication:

Am I expected to live a normal life even with excruciating pain & expect my husband or an employer to live with my medical condition?


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