I have pretty much a similar story. I’ve seen at least 10 specialists for 15 years but they were not able to diagnose my condition properly. Some told me that I’m only experiencing pain in my mind. As of the moment, I’m still waiting for additional medical consults. My concern is that adhesions spread to other organs of the body. I have referred back pain as well as chest & shoulder pain on top of my fibromyalgia pain & stiffness.

Just 1 year ago today, on July 9, 2015, I was diagnosed with late stage endometriosis as well as uterine fibroids and polyps. On that same day, with a 4 hour surgical procedure, I became endometriosis free, fibroid free and polyp free. I learned that my pain was real even though there were no visible signs of disease through MRI, ultrasound, or sonogram.. even though 7 doctors before my most recent one told me I was fine and that I was crazy… even though my pain was to the point where I could barely sit down. This time last year, I could barely walk comfortably- today I'm training for races and exercising pain free. Over the last year since this procedure has happened, I have been the happiest and healthiest I have ever felt in my entire life and I owe that all to the Dr Seckin and The National Gianna Center for Women’s Health and Fertility. EXCISION surgery is the key to removing endo appropriately so it is less likely to come back. (Ladies, if you think you have endometriosis, please read my original post here about symptoms and do not hesitate to reach out to me with questions. I wish I knew about endometriosis years ago. It is a very lonely disease, because not many people understand. ) Lastly, thank you to my family, friends, and boyfriend who have continued to show support for me as I speak out about my endo experience in hopes of helping other women out there who are suffering. #EndometriosisAwareness #EndoWarrior ・・・ At this very moment, I am officially endometriosis & appendix FREE!💛 I am feeling so loved and cared for by my family, friends, and my boyfriend who have seen me deal with this pain and everything that comes along with it through out the years. _ I don't like to be vocal about my ailments, but to the women out there: if you have abnormal pelvic cramping pain, abnormal bloating, hemmoraging, or a history of ovarian cysts, ask your doctor about endometriosis. I've been to 7 different OBGYNs since I was 16, & the 7th was the doctor that figured it out. Women go undiagnosed for YEARS.Many women find out when they are older/married and trying to get pregnant but can't.You don't want your fertility Ruined (link in bio for whole post)

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