Let’s End the Stigma of Mental Illness
I want to raise awareness about what it means to have Schizophrenia because a ❤ one suffered with this debilitating disease for decades.
I have lived through the worst of the episodes and I’m proud to say that I was still able to give care, love & compassion.
It was the most difficult thing in the world but because I believed that miracles could happen, the symptoms were managed.
“This disease is a chronic and severe mental disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. People with schizophrenia may seem like they have lost touch with reality. Although schizophrenia is not as common as other mental disorders, the symptoms can be very disabling.”
“There is hope on the horizon in the new atypicals and early diagnosis, coupled with relapse prevention, and schizophrenia seems to be attracting much more public interest and compassion. There is so much research underway on schizophrenia it’s difficult to keep up with it.”- Ian Chovil






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