I cried during my phone conversation with MC. I miss them so much. I miss my life with them. My so called crazy life. But if I continue to live in that crazy world, then I would never had any direction  at all.

Spoke with RM too. He is still head over heals in love with his girlfriend. He might still be disillusioned or something. I’ve been there, you know. Sometimes, I’m happy that things turned out to be as they are but I still try to think  and dwell in the past. My only freaking problem us that I just can’t move on and put it all behind me na. Someday, I know I’ll get what I want and I’m sure I have to make some sort of sacrifices.

Gosh I can’t believe I’m turning 21 na next year! I can’t believe I felt home again through west ice. Shocks! It has been a long time na talaga. So far so good. I’m keeping myself sane through shopping though it should not be the case.



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