E-mail received from JFC

Hi bee,

Can’t sleep 😦

I just thought time flies so fast. I was just thinking about how we met and eventually how we fell in love along the way. It’s not because I was trying to find something else in that process or I begin to pin-point what was wrong or right, it’s simply reminiscing. And along the process did you know what I found out?

I’ll let you figure that out. Haha! Well,  Okay here it goes:

I love you very much! In fact, it isn’t too obvious right? Haha like there were instances when I am working and I am in a meeting that literally, I thought you were just beside me and then my phone rang and you were calling. I just miss you so much. I realized that whatever happened in the past and how we got into this road together weren’t that important than the fact that along the way we fell in love. And that’s the beauty of it. I realized that it’s not on what you have or what you possess but it’s what you are that made me fall in love with you. Sometimes it came to a point that I can’t comprehend how things got together for us but I’m determined to make things better. And here comes those daydreams that excites me thinking about the time that we’ll be together and building our own family and our kids. I’m excited particularly on the reality that I can take good care of you no matter what. It’s an opportunity that I will treasure and not just take for granted. That we’ll journey together and stay stronger than ever. I know and understand that love isn’t just a word that we say when we feel it. For me, it’s a commitment that I make to your heart that Whatever happens, I am here for you; caring and loving you. And I can’t wait to be with you soon!

I love you very much bee!

Sorry if it’s long haha

Loving you,



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